Galapagos to Go Meal Program

We are offering meal boxes each week 

Order deadline is Wednesday April 7 at 4pm.   This will be for food pick up on on April 12, 2021.     

Please note that we will not be able to do home deliveries as we did over the holidays.   Boxes will need to be picked up at the Lower Academy.

Galapagos to Go Meal Program- Week of April 19

This form is to reserve your Galapagos to Go food box the week of April 19 This form must be filled out by 4pm on April7 for pick-up on April 19 Galapagos is excited to be able to provide ALL of our scholars with breakfasts and lunches during our remote period through the Galapagos to Go Meal program. Every week, families are eligible to receive a food box that includes food and recipes to help provide up to 7 breakfasts and lunches as well as milk. Families will only need to come once a week to get the food box. Families can get one box of food for every scholar they have who is attending Galapagos Rockford. You will need to fill out this form each week in order to have a box reserved for you.
  • Please indicate the campus that you will be picking up the Galapagos to Go food. You may pick up boxes for all your remote scholars at one campus. Please note that you must pick up at the campus that you indicate here.
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.