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What is ExceleRate Tutoring Corps?

ExceleRate Tutoring Corps is an innovative program designed to provide children daily small group, tutoring during the school day. ExceleRate tutors dedicate a year of their time to work with middle school students, or scholars as we prefer to call them. The tutors spend the day providing instruction, primarily in mathematics, to middle school scholars.

We have found that this targeted, small group instruction results in amazing gains among the scholars. While the average American child is lucky to progress one year academically, a child engaged in ExceleRate Tutoring can achieve nearly double that growth. In fact, we have seen scholars demonstrate as much as three years growth in one school year. ExceleRate is about unlocking the potential in all of our children.

Why was ExceleRate Tutoring Corps created?

The reality is that American children do not perform well academically in comparison to children in other developed nations. In fact, American students often perform worse than children in developing nations. The level of achievement is even more concerning when children from lower income schools are the comparison group. The reality is that too many American children perform at levels that are not competitive globally or even nationally. But this does not have to be the case. This academic achievement gap can be narrowed and eliminated.

We have discovered that most children who are struggling simply need individualized attention. When a child has the opportunity to work with a tutor on a regular basis, the results can be amazing.

ExceleRate Tutoring Corps is not just for children who struggle. Too many high performing scholars are ignored in the typical school setting. Such talent needs to be nurtured. Individualized or small group tutoring is often the answer to help propel such children forward. ExceleRate believes that all children are capable of going to college and that all children can improve their academic performance and become competitive for college spots and careers.

What type of candidate should apply to ExceleRate Tutoring Corps?

There is no single definition for the model ExceleRate applicant. But, we can tell you that it is important that, as a candidate, you believe. You must believe that all children can succeed. You cannot accept the excuses to which our society has succumbed. You must believe that a child, no matter his or her background, can and will succeed. We believe that each child is a scholar and that each scholar is on his/her way to college. In fact, we refer to our scholars by the year that they will graduate–the year that they graduate from college. Our eighth grade scholars are the class of 2027 and our kindergarten scholars are the class of 2036!

Our goals are high and yours must be as well. As any successful person knows, most success comes from hours and hours of hard work. An ExceleRate tutor candidate must be willing to put forth many hours of work that at times can be frustrating. But the truly successful candidate knows that continuous drive and grit are ultimately the keys to overcoming all obstacles.

Is this a “typical” tutoring program?

No! Throw away all of your preconceived notions of tutoring programs. This is tutoring on steroids. Tutors use comprehensive data to meet the needs of the scholars. Tutors meet with scholars daily. Tutors provide direct instruction; this is not homework assistance. An ExceleRate tutor has many responsibilities similar to that of a traditional teacher. An ExceleRate tutor takes ownership over the development of the scholars under his/her tutelage. This is not a part time or volunteer position. We want…no, we NEED our scholars to grow academically at rates more than double the national averages. Our scholars must succeed and ExceleRate tutors are one of the main tools we have to propel our scholars forward. This is not easy work, but when successful, it is extremely rewarding to the scholar and the ExceleRate tutor.

What are the benefits of being a part of ExceleRate Tutoring Corps?

This is an amazing opportunity for someone who truly wants to give back to the community and help children grow academically. It is a hard job but with that comes many intrinsic rewards. You will have an impact on the life trajectory of the children with whom you work.

Is this a volunteer or paid position?

This is a paid position. At the same time, this is really a position of passion. We pay each ExceleRate tutor a living stipend similar to what programs such as AmeriCorps pay. Additionally, tutors receive free shared housing for the year as well as full insurance benefits at no cost to the tutor.

Is the process for applying competitive?

The process is competitive. We have a limited number of positions available for ExceleRate tutors. That being said, if you have the passion and desire to work with children on a daily basis and if you truly believe that all children have the right to a high quality education then we strongly encourage you to apply.

What type of time commitment is ExceleRate Tutoring Corps?

This is a year-long commitment. ExceleRate tutors will begin training in late summer and will work through June. Given the need to ensure consistency for our scholars it is imperative that tutors are committed to working full time for the entire academic year. On a daily basis, this is equivalent to a full time job. Tutors will be very busy not just with instruction during the day, but similar to teachers, tutors will need to work in the evenings and weekends to plan and practice instruction. This really is a job of passion, you must believe and love what you do and understand the importance of successfully providing the scholars quality instruction. It will be hard work but it will be worth it in the end.

What subjects do ExceleRate tutors teach?

An ExceleRate tutor primarily provides instruction in mathematics. Over 90% of the time will be focused on mathematics…the subject that many consider the gateway course to college.

With how many children does an ExceleRate tutor work?

ExceleRate tutors work with approximately twelve to sixteen children a day in direct instruction. The tutor will usually meet with children in very small groups, usually between two to three at a time. This means that a tutor, on average has five to six sessions a day working in small groups.

With what grade levels do ExceleRate tutors work?

At this time, ExceleRate tutors work exclusively with middle school scholars. The majority of the time, they will work with children in sixth through eighth grade.

Do tutors work directly with Instructors in the classroom?

ExceleRate tutors do not work directly with Instructors in the classroom. Tutors work in a separate area in which they can focus on individualized instruction. Tutors will have access to academic data on all of their scholars so that they are able to tailor instruction to their scholars’ needs.

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