Project Passport Info (Spain 2023)

Details regarding Project Passport Spain (updated 3-12-2023)

  • What are the flight details for Project Passport Spain?

    We will all travel together from the Lower Academy on the GRCS bus “Bussie”.

    Departure Date to Spain: March 18, 2023

    Pick-up (Bussie) at the Lower Academy at 1:15pm on March 18, 2023

    Arrive at O’Hare

    -Depart Chicago via British Airways Flight 4272 (operated by Iberia) from Terminal 3 at 5:45pm

    -Arrive in Madrid, Spain at 7:55am on March 19, 2023

    -Connect to British Airways flight 7190 at 11:15am

    -Arrive in Seville, Spain at 12:35pm

    Return Date to Illinois: March 25, 2023

    Leave for Seville airport at 7:00am via taxi

    -Depart Seville, Spain at 9:20am on British Airways Flight 7189

    -Arrive in Madrid, Spain at 10:30am

    -Connect to British Airways flight 4263 (operated by Iberia)

    -Arrive in Boston, MA at 4:30pm

    -Connect to American Airlines flight 4216

    -Arrive in Chicago O’Hare at 8:45pm

    -Bussie arrives at Lower Academy at approximately 10:30 on March 25, 2023

  • Hotel Information

    Since we are in Seville the entire trip, we are only staying at one hotel.  We will be at the Hotel Goya from March 19 to March 25, 2023.   The hotel is located in one of the most historic areas in Seville.

    Hotel Goya Sevilla – Charming hotel in Seville

    Calle Mateo Gagos 31

    Santa Cruz, Sevilla

    41004, Espana


  • What should I pack for the trip?

    The temperature in Seville in March averages between 45-70 degrees.   Seville enjoys over 300 days of sunshine a year so it is very likely that we will experience beautiful weather like a really nice spring or fall day in Illinois.  

    Please also be aware that we will be walking a lot.  We will average 5 miles a day and maybe more.   Please make sure scholars have a comfortable pair of shoes.

    Although, it is possible to buy most US products in Spain, it is not guaranteed.  So, if you have specific items you need, please bring it along.

    Please bring enough clothes for seven days.  This should include both warm weather and cooler weather options.  In general, clothes should be casual but please do not pack graphic shirts or pants.

    • 1-2 pairs of shorts
    • long pants
    • short sleeve shirts
    • a light jacket or sweatshirt
    • a swimsuit 
    • closed toe shoes (you may also bring sandals but depending on where we are visiting you may have to wear the closed-toes shoes
    • Book(s) -especially for the plane
    • toiletries (toothpaste, brush, and medicines needed)
    • Sun protector (even in the cooler weather the Spanish sun is strong.
    • Optional- hat for sun protection (when we visit churches and museums, we will be required, out of respect, to remove the hats.)

    We recommend about $50-$100 for souvenirs.   We will exchange US Dollars for Euros in Spain.  

  • Can my scholar bring a cell phone or other electronics?

    As discussed in our orientation meeting, we want scholars to be in the moment and fully immerse themselves in this educational adventure.   Therefore, phone and electronics are not permitted.  Please review the Electronic Policy here: Communication and Electronics -Project Passport 2023 .

    Scholars may bring cameras as long as they do not have internet connectivity.

    The chaperones will send out a daily WhatsApp text and photos to all parents.  This will provide parents with and update while still ensuring that scholars are focused.

    You can download the WhatsApp application here. 

  • Who is chaperoning?

    Mr. Michael Lane, CEO, and Ms. Mariam Alyousuf (former Dean and current advanced math instructor) will be chaperoning the trip.  This means the ratio of scholars to adults will be 3:1. 

    Ms. Kenney will be our US based contact and all questions should be directed to her (779) 423-5855.

    GRCS has obtained travel insurance for all scholars and chaperones for this trip.

  • What will scholars do to prepare for the Spain Trip?

    Scholars are required to attend Wednesday classes to prepare for the trip.  The classes will take place after dismissal on Wednesdays.   Scholars will take Bussie to the Lower Academy and will complete the class at 2:15pm.  Scholars will need to be picked up at the Lower Academy.

    Geography– Scholars will be expected to be able to identify the countries of Europe.  Scholars can practice doing this at Seterra Geography Games 

    Journalling– Scholars will be expected to journal every day on the trip.  In order to get ready for this, scholars will also journal each Wednesday.  Scholars will be provided a small journal.

    Spanish Language Acquisition- Depending upon a scholar’s Spanish ability, scholars will either receive basic Spanish instructi0n each Wednesday or be assigned to an advanced book club.   The book club will read El Arquero by Pablo Cuehlo.

    All scholars, regardless of Spanish ability, will also be expected to do ten language lessons a week on Duolingo.   GRCS has set up a school account on Duolingo which can be accessed at home.

  • What is the agenda for the Spain trip?

    This agenda is still being updated as of 3-14-2023.

    Day 1 (Sat)– Travel to Seville (see above for flight info)

    Day 2 (Sun)- Arrive in Seville, check into hotel.  Visit the Torre de Oro and tour the La Maestranza bullring.

    Day 3 (Mon)– Spanish classes begin!  Each day will begin with a language class followed by a language field study to a different part of the city.

    Language Field Study- walk the city and practice directions and vocabulary of the city.

    Tour Seville’s world-famous Cathedral.

    Dinner and then visit Las Setas de Seville- a very large wooden structure in the shape of a mushroom.  (Seriously, but the views are supposed to be great!)

    Day 4 (Tues)– Spanish classes continue.

    Language field study- visit city hall and the outside of the Cathedral.  Practice vocabulary and the verbs “ser” and “estar”.

    Tour the former royal palace and fortress Real Seville Alcazar.

    Spanish Cooking Class at Trianna Market

    Day 5 (Wed)- Spanish classes continue.

    Language Fields Study- visit the Casa de la Sirena in the Alameda de Hercules.

    Language Exchange- Practice Spanish with students of the same age from Spain.

    Day 6 (Th)- Spanish classes continue.

    Language Field Study- Visit the marketplace in Calle Feria and practice vocabulary related to shopping and food.

    Paddle Boarding class and tour on the Gualdalquivir River.

    Visit the Plaza de Espana. 

    Horse and Carriage around the city.

    Day 7 (Fri)- Spanish classes continue.

    Language Field Study- Visit the Museo de Bellas Artes (Art Museum).

    Dinner and a music performance at a Flamenco restaurant- La Madriguera de Mai.

    Day 8 (Sat)– Return to the USA (see flight info above).

  • Are there required vaccinatons for this trip?

    Yes, all GRCS scholars and chaperones must be fully vaccinated with the most recently available vaccines for the appropriate age group.