After School X Programming

Galapagos Rockford After School X brings after school and electives programming to a whole new level.   Galapagos strives to provide after school programming that provides scholars with a variety of experiences that broaden their horizons.  Regardless of the programming, the activities are engaging and meaningful.  Programs differ from quarter to quarter and year to year but always include art, music, sports and even classes on the stock market.  A few of our spotlight Tier 1 programs are listed below.

Scholars learn the basic of computer coding.  Within the first few classes scholars are creating their own video games.

Scholars spend a day a week at our partner stables.  Scholars learn to take care of a horse, learn the equipment used as well as learn the basic skills to ride a horse.  Galapagos offers four levels of horseback riding ranging from courses for first time riders to more skilled equestrians.