After School X Programming

Galapagos Rockford After School X brings after school and electives programming to a whole new level.   Galapagos strives to provide after school programming that provides scholars with a variety of experiences that broaden their horizons.  Regardless of the programming, the activities are engaging and meaningful.  Programs differ from quarter to quarter and year to year but always include art, music, sports and even classes on the stock market. 

Some of our new programs are open for registration now with classes beginning January 8, 2018.

2-4th Grade- Modern Dance (Lower Academy)

K-1st Grade- Creative Movement (Lower Academy)

2-4th Grade- Taekwondo (Lower Academy)

3-4th Grade- Ozbots/Robotics (Lower Academy)

3-4th Grade- Theater (Lower Academy)

4-5th Grade- Coed Basketball (Upper Academy)

6-8th Grade- Girl’s Basketball Team (Upper Academy)

6-8th Grade- Scholastic Team (Upper Academy)

5-8th Grade- Chorus (Upper Academy)

5-8th Grade- Instrumentals (Upper Academy)

8th Grade- Honors Writing (Upper Academy)


Programs from the fall of 2017 included:

2-4th Grade- Jazz Dance (Lower Academy)

2-4th Grade- Taekwondo (Lower Academy)

3-4th Grade- Becoming Better Boys (Lower Academy)

5-8th Grade- Bowling Team (Upper Academy)

5-8th Grade- Chorus (Upper Academy)

5-8th Grade- Horseback Riding I (Upper Academy)

6-8th Grade- Cross-Country Team (Upper Academy)

6-8th Grade- Boys Basketball Team (Upper Academy)

A few of our spotlight Tier 1 programs are listed below.

Scholars learn the basic of computer coding.  Scholars learn how to analyze code and reverse engineer code.   Scholars will also learn how to write their own code.  Within the first few classes scholars are creating their own video games.

Scholars spend a day a week at our partner stables.  Scholars learn to take care of a horse, learn the equipment used as well as learn the basic skills to ride a horse.  Galapagos offers four levels of horseback riding ranging from courses for first time riders to more skilled equestrians.

Registration Open Now for Sessions Beginning October 30, 2017


Girls on the Run (GOTR) is a nationally recognized program.  Galapagos is proud to be one of the few schools in Rockford to host and offer this program to our fourth grade female scholars.  GOTR combines self esteem building around a goal of running a 5 k race each spring.  Our girls are strong and this is on way that they prove it.  The season takes place in the early spring.  You can learn even more by visiting the GOTR site.

Registration will open soon for Spring of  2018.

Galapagos Rockford Basketball focuses on developing the discipline to be a scholar athlete.  Team members are expected to be able to balance and prioritize their academics and then use that discipline to develop their on-court skills.  The team focuses on team work and fundamentals while competing against schools in the area.  The season takes place in the late fall and early winter.

Registration Open Now for Sessions Beginning October 7, 2017.

Girls Basketball returning in January 2018.

The Galapagos Rockford Cross Country Team works on developing scholars to compete in cross country meets across the city.  Practices focus on proper preparation techniques such as stretching and nutrition.  Scholars practice up to three times a week at our Upper Academy campus.  Meets take place from August through October.