Summer Fellowship

Teachers change lives.  Start this summer!

The 2024 application window is now open.

What is the Summer Teaching Fellowship?

The Summer Teaching Fellowship is an opportunity for recent high school graduates and current college students to spend a summer internship teaching students in grades K-8.  Our Summer Teaching Fellows gain experience teaching in both small group and whole class environments, primarily to build reading, writing, and math skills.  

Why might I be interested in the Summer Teaching Fellowship?

  • You don’t yet know what you will do professionally, but you want to try teaching.  The Summer Teaching Fellowship gives you an opportunity to develop your understanding of teaching and learning to see if it might be the profession for you.
  • You want to do something with your summer that makes others’ lives better. Our scholars need targeted instruction and attention.   Without it, they could slip further behind in their achievement levels this summer.  Do you want to spend your time this summer doing something that will literally improve the lives of children?
  • It’s not okay with you that summer opportunities are not equitable.  Not all children have access to summer enrichment and academic programming.  Especially those who really need it.  If you are passionate about helping to close the achievement gap, this is the program for you.
  • You are already working toward a career in education and are eager to receive feedback and coaching to become the teacher your students deserve. In the Summer Teaching Fellows program, you will receive ongoing training, daily observations, and frequent feedback to improve your craft and become the teacher your future students deserve. 


  • Do I need to be an education major to apply?

    No! Our summer teaching fellows come from a range of majors and pursue a variety of careers. The Summer Teaching Fellowship is a great way to gain some experience to see if teaching is right for you.

  • What is the commitment?

    The Summer Teaching Fellowship runs from June 10 to July 19, 2024.   Hours for fellows are 7:30 a.m.- 1:30 p.m., Monday-Friday.  

    The Summer Teaching Fellowship is a rigorous program; fellows teach and learn during an immersive experience that demands a high level of commitment, engagement, and preparation. Because your experience as a fellow and our success as a program depend on everyone’s full investment, additional commitments outside of the fellowship are strongly discouraged.

  • Is there a stipend?

    The Summer Teaching Fellowship is considered an internship experience and may count towards clinical, volunteer, or internship hours for your university.   We do provide a taxable stipend/scholarship of $3,000 for the six-week commitment to each of our fellows.  

  • How many scholars will I teach?

    Fellows teach in both small groups and whole classes.  For any given period, fellows may be working with anywhere from 2-12 scholars at a time. 

  • What training is available?

    You will participate in a week of orientation and training prior to your seven-week teaching experience.  Throughout the summer session, you will receive daily feedback and coaching from your coach and your colleagues. 

  • What happens after I apply?

    If your application meets the program requirements, you will be invited to complete a video interview.  Within two weeks of your video submission, you will be notified if you are accepted into the Summer Teaching Fellows program.  Once you are notified, you will have 48 hours to accept or decline your fellowship offer. 

  • I still have questions. Who can I talk to?

    If you have any additional questions about the Summer Teaching Fellows program, please contact Stephanie Boeddeker, Chief Academic Officer at: .