GRCS Book Club

Galapagos scholars and staff love to read.   We want to continue to share the joy of reading with our community.  As part of our GRCS Home Book Club program Galapagos provides K-3rd grade scholars with exciting, engaging books on a regular basis.   Every few months, scholars at these grade levels will receive special gifts sent directly to their house.

But, wait!  Don’t open the package when you get it!  Check the envelope to see what date we will be revealing the book.   Then join us online at the Galapagos Facebook site for GRCS Story Time.   At the beginning of each Story Time episode, we will open our secret book package online as the scholars from that week’s grade open their book packages at home.   (Remember, not every grade gets a book every week.)   

Feel free to join us to see what other books are being provided to scholars.   Then stick around to hear a GRCS community member read part or the entire book on Facebook Live .  Click here or go to at 7pm on scheduled Thursdays.

We encourage families to join in to watch, listen and read along.  No better way to enjoy a Thursday evening than sharing a new book with your family.

On March 9, second grade scholars received their very own copy of Have You Ever Heard of a Snigglesnort by Sam Lane.  Dr. Lane is a full-time veterinarian and this is his first children’s book.  We will have to ask him about his experiences with Snigglesnorts.