Project Passport Spain- 2024

Details regarding Project Passport Spain (updated 6-5-2024)

  • What are the flight details for Project Passport Spain?

    We will depart from O’Hare on June 7.

    (We will meet at the Lower Academy at 12:30pm to travel on Bussie as a group.)

    Friday, June 7th- Iberia Flight #6274 leaving O’Hare at 4:35pm and landing in Madrid, Spain at 7:50 am on June 8.

    Saturday, June 8- Iberia Flight #3950 leaving Madrid at 11:25 am and landing in Seville, Spain at 12:35 pm.

    Saturday, June 15- Iberia Flight #3947 leaving Seville at 9am and landing in Madrid at 10:10am. Then we will board Iberia Flight # 6275 leaving Madrid at 11:35 am and landing at Chicago O’Hare at 2:20pm. 

    Scholars will take Bussie back from O’Hare and will be dropped off at the Lower Academy parking lot.  They should be back around 5:30pm on June 15.

  • Hotel Information

    We will be staying in the historic city-center of Seville.

    The name of the hotel is Hotel Alcántara.  It is located at: Calle Ximenez de Enciso, 28, Casco Antiguo, Seville.

  • What should I pack for the trip?

    The temperature in Seville in June averages 70-95.  Seville enjoys over 300 days of sunshine a year so it is very likely that we will experience beautiful weather like a really nice spring or summer day in Illinois.  

    Please also be aware that we will be walking a lot.  We will average 5 miles a day and maybe more.   Please make sure scholars have a comfortable pair of shoes.

    Although, it is possible to buy most US products in Spain, it is not guaranteed.  So, if you have specific items you need, please bring it along.

    Please bring enough clothes for seven days.  This should include both warm weather and cooler weather options.  In general, clothes should be casual but please do not pack graphic shirts or pants.

    • 1-2 pairs of shorts
    • long pants
    • short sleeve shirts
    • a light jacket or sweatshirt
    • a swimsuit 
    • closed toe shoes (you may also bring sandals but depending on where we are visiting you may have to wear the closed-toes shoes
    • Book(s) -especially for the plane
    • toiletries (toothpaste, brush, and medicines needed)
    • Sun protector (even in the cooler weather the Spanish sun is strong.) Lotion not spray.
    • Optional- hat for sun protection (when we visit churches and museums, we will be required, out of respect, to remove the hats.)

    We recommend about $50-$100 for souvenirs.   We will exchange US Dollars for Euros in Spain.  

  • Can my scholar bring a cell phone or other electronics?

    As discussed in our orientation meeting, we want scholars to be in the moment and fully immerse themselves in this educational adventure.   Therefore, phone and electronics are not permitted.  Please review the Electronic Policy here: Communication and Electronics -Project Passport 2023 .

    Scholars may bring cameras as long as they do not have internet connectivity.

    The chaperones will send out a daily WhatsApp text and photos to all parents.  This will provide parents with and update while still ensuring that scholars are focused.

    You can download the WhatsApp application here. 

  • Who is chaperoning?

    Mr. Michael Lane, CEO, and Ms. Mariam Alyousuf (former UA Dean and current advanced math instructor) will be chaperoning the trip.  This means the ratio of scholars to adults will be 3:1. 

    Stacey Puckett will be our US based contact and all questions should be directed to her.

    GRCS has obtained travel insurance for all scholars and chaperones for this trip.

  • What will scholars do to prepare for the Spain Trip?

    Scholars will have Spanish language classes on Wednesdays and Fridays.  The classes will be held at the Upper Academy.

    Wednesday- class begins at 12:45pm and runs until 1:45pm.  Scholars may be picked up at the Upper Academy at 1:45pm or you may chose to have them ride the Galapagos shuttle to the Lower Academy.  The shuttle should arrive at the Lower Academy by 2:15pm.   If you would like to sign your scholar up for the shuttle, you may do so here:

    Bussie Shuttle

    Scholars will not be supervised after drop-off.

    On Fridays, class runs from 4:50 to 5:05.  After class, all scholars will be driven to the Lower Academy.  They should arrived in front of the school at approximately 5:30pm.

  • What is the agenda for the Spain trip?

    Please use this agenda as a guide but some components may change.

    Day 1 (June 7)– Travel to Seville (see above for flight info.)

    Dinner: Served on the flight.

    Day 2 (June 8)- Arrive in Seville, check into hotel. 

    PM- Lunch

    -Visit the Torre de Oro and tour the La Maestranza bullring.

    -Flamenco Dance Class

    -Dinner: TBA

    Day 3 (June 9)


    AM- Travel to the town of El Chorro and hike the El Camino del Reys

    Dinner: TBA

    Day 4 (June 10)

    AM- Spanish classes begin!  Each day will begin with a language class followed by a language field study to a different part of the city.

    Language Field Study- walk the city and practice directions and vocabulary of the city.

    Tour the former royal palace and fortress Real Seville Alcazar. 4pm

    PM- Tour Plaza de Espana

    Dinner: TBA

    After dinner we will visit Las Setas de Seville- a very large wooden structure in the shape of a mushroom.  (Seriously, but the views are great!)

    Day 5 (June 11)– Spanish classes continue.

    Language field study- visit city hall and the outside of the Cathedral.  Practice vocabulary and the verbs “ser” and “estar”.

    Spanish Cooking Class at Triana Market.

    Dinner: We will make it ourselves in cooking class!

    Day 6 (June 12)- Spanish classes continue.

    AM- Language Field Study- visit the Casa de la Sirena in the Alameda de Hercules.

    PM- Paddle Boarding on the Guadalaquivir River

    Dinner: We will eat at El 3 de Oro.  We will have paella.  Paella is a rice dish originally from the Valencia. Paella is considered as one of the community’s identifying dishes. It is one of the best-known dishes in Spanish cuisine

    Day 7 (June 13)- Spanish classes continue.

    Language Field Study- Visit the marketplace in Calle Feria and practice vocabulary related to shopping and food.

    Visit the world famous Cathedral and Giralda.

    Language Exchange- Practice Spanish with students of the same age from Spain.

    Dinner: TBA

    Day 8 (June 14)- Spanish classes continue.

    Language Field Study- Visit the Museo de Bellas Artes (Art Museum).

    Dinner and a music performance at a Flamenco restaurant- La Madriguera de Mai.

    Day 9 (June 15)– Return to the USA (see flight info above).

  • Are there required vaccinatons for this trip?

    Yes, all GRCS scholars and chaperones must be fully vaccinated with the most recently available vaccines for the appropriate age group.   

  • How and when should I get my child's passport?

    Please apply for your child’s passport over winter break.  There are a variety of place to go but the US Post Office is one of the main locations to get your passport. 

    The process of applying for a passport requires you to submit a filled-out application form, proof of citizenship and identity, a passport-sized photograph (get at Walgreens or CVS), and the required fees at the Anniston Post Office. It is important to note that you should not sign the DS-11 application form until the post office worker handling your application tells you to do so.

    The process to get a passport has several steps, but the employees at the ROCKFORD POST OFFICE are there to guide you from start to finish. Make sure you have all the required documents and details ready before you visit to ensure a smooth application process.

    Note: For an appointment Call (815) 229-4807

    Please see the following forms for more assistance.

    Passport form DS11

    8 Steps for a Child’s Passport

  • What is the cost of Project Passport Spain?

    The cost of the Spain trip is well over $2,400 but GRCS fund-raises the majority of this cost.  The cost to families is $220.

    The first payment of $55 is due on December 21, 2023.

    The second payment of $55 is due on January 21, 2024.

    The third payment of $55 is due on February 21, 2024.

    The final payment of $55 is due on March 21, 2024.

  • Are there ways scholars and families can fundraise for the trip?

    Yes, you can fund-raise for this trip. Galapagos offers three different types of coffee that can be sold to friend, family and co-workers.

    Each bag of coffee costs $12.99.  For each sales of coffee, the scholar raises $5 to go towards the cost of the trip.  So, if you sell 20 bags of coffee, you earn $100 towards the trip.

    Fundraising is not required.

    The types of coffee we have are:




    Buy coffee here!