Food Support

Galapagos believes that it is important to address a variety of needs when preparing a scholar to begin and succeed on their road to college.   Nutrition and access to consistent, healthy foods is crucial in the development and health of all children.  That is why Galapagos takes food security issues within the school community as well as the community at large extremely seriously.   While our main purpose is to educate, we are working hard to expand our food programming options to be as responsive as possible.


Galapagos Food Pantry

That is why we are excited to let you know about our Grand Opening of the Galapagos Food Pantry.

Please join us on July 17.

The pantry is located at our Lower Academy campus at 2605 School St., Rockford, IL 61101.   

The pantry is open from 1:30pm until 3:30pm.  The pantry is open to all Galapagos families and all residents of Rockford. The pantry will also be open on the following dates: August dates TBD. We look forward to seeing you!

Masks and social distancing are required.  Read about the food pantry here in the Rockford Register Star.  See our food pantry here on WREX Channel 13. 

Other Current Food Programming

Backpack Food Program-

Galapagos is proud to offer backpacks of food for qualifying scholars to supplement their meals over the weekends.   Currently, GRCS provides twenty scholars with backpacks full of food every Friday.   This service is very limited but if you feel that you have the need, please contact our social worker Deanna Hull at for more information.  

Community Garden-

Galapagos opened its community garden in the spring/summer of 2021.   We were excited to continue this program in 2023.  For 2024, interested families and community members may request a garden plot by emailing Ms. Mirela Gavric at  for more information.  Each family will receive seedlings and access to their own garden, water and tools.   This is a great way to enjoy fresh produce throughout the summer.



Galapagos Farms (GRCS Greenhouse)

GRCS is excited to announce that our greenhouse at the Upper Academy is now fully operable.  In February 2023 we harvested our first crop, albeit a small one, of spinach.   We are excited to announce that this first harvest went to our food pantry to be enjoyed by our community.

Coming Soon

Do you know what hydroponics is?

Past Food Programming

Winter Meal Boxes- In December 2021, we offered winter meal boxes consisting of 14 pound turkeys and hams along with all of the fixings.  We provided 50 Thanksgiving meal boxes consisting of the equivalent of 400 meals.  These boxes were made available exclusively to Galapagos families. 

In 2022, we increased our boxes to 75 boxes, the equivalent of 600 meals to our GRCS families.

In total, in 2022, GRCS provided 150 food boxes, the equivalent of 1,200 meals over Thanksgiving and the winter holidays.   In 2023, GRCS was able to provide approximately 110 meal boxes, the equivalent of 880 meals.

Thanksgiving Meal Boxes-

2023– For the third year in a row, GRCS is provided 60 Thanksgiving meal boxes for a total of 480 meals.  

2022– In November 2022, we increased to 75 boxes for a total of 600 meals. 

2021– In November 2021, we offered Thanksgiving meal boxes consisting of 14-pound turkeys and all of the fixings.  We provided 56 Thanksgiving meal boxes consisting of the equivalent of 448 meals.

Truck to Trunk Food Boxes– In March of 2020, at the beginning of the pandemic, we knew that many people were struggling.  People were scared, had lost their job or were in jeopardy of losing employment.   We knew we had to step up.   Therefore, GRCS partnered with the U.S. Department of Agriculture and Gourmet Gorilla to provide food staples to the Rockford community.  From March until August of 2020, GRCS provided over 4,500 boxes of food to Galapagos families and other families within the community.