Summer Trip Information 2024

Details on Trips

  • Sea Camp Information (2/15/2024)

    The dates of this program are July 6 to July 11, 2024.

    Scholars will meet at the Lower Academy on Saturday, July 6 at TBD to make it in time to O’Hare.

    The flight is TBD from O’Hare.  It will arrive in San Diego, CA at TBD.

    The returning flight TBD will be on July 11, leaving San Diego at TBD.   We land at O’Hare at TBD and would expect to be at the Lower Academy at TBD.

    SEACAMP Student Information Packet 2023

    SEACAMP Merchandise Prices 2023

    TBD will be chaperoning this trip.


  • Space Camp Information (5-14-2024)

    Galapagos is providing three space camp opportunities this summer. 

    Fifth Graders

    For 5th graders, the program is in Woodstock, IL.  This program will run in the afternoons from July 8-12.

    Scholars will meet at the Lower Academy and take the Bussie shuttle to Woodstock and will return to the Lower Academy in the late afternoon (exact times TBD). 

    The program is entitled: Astronaut Training What will it take to live in space? Scholars will train to become astronauts in preparation for their simulated space missions to the Moon and Mars. Training includes astronomy, robotics, experiments, and more. Join us this summer to experience NASA based simulations, new creations and tons of inspiration!

    The cost of the 5th grade program is $50.  The deadline for payment is March 30, 2024.  You may pay for this program here:

    Pay  Here 

    Sixth-Eighth Graders

    Our 6th-8th graders will attend the Space Camp in Huntsville, AL from June 30-July 5.

    Scholars will meet at the Lower Academy on Sunday, June 30 at 8:30 to make it in time to O’Hare.  The flight is United Flight 5335.  It lands in Huntsville at 1:16pm.

    The returning flight will be on July 5, leaving Huntsville at 2:30pm on United flight 5409. We ;and at 4:45 pm expect to be at the Lower Academy at 6:30pm.

    What Should Scholars Wear/Bring?

    While at Camp, trainees (scholars) should wear clothing that is comfortable and designed for active pursuits. Clothing should be appropriate for activities such as hanging in harnesses, working through challenges on the ropes course and should be versatile enough to transition from many varied active endeavors in the course of a camp day. We suggest durable shorts that cover the upper thigh to prevent chafing from webbing and harness straps for all genders. For water activities, we suggest that all genders wear shorts as/over bathing suits. Specific packing lists for each program can be found at 

    The chaperone for this trip will be Ms. Deanna Hull.  Ms. Hull has been the social worker at the Lower Academy for three years.

    Pay Here 

  • Great Books Information (2/15/2024)

    The Great Books at Northwestern University in Evanston runs from July 7th to July 13, 2024.

    The Great Books at Amherst University in Massachusetts runs from July 7th to July 13, 2024.

    On Sunday, July 7, scholars will meet at the Lower Academy at TBD in order to make it to either

    1) O’Hare to make the the flight to Amherst.  Flight info TBD.

    2) The Bussie shuttle to make ti to Evanston, IL.

    On July 11, scholars will return TBD.

    Please click here for the summer packet for Great Books.  


  • Angelic Organics Farmers Camp-

    This program is open to 2nd – 4th graders.  This is a four day overnight camp in Caledonia, IL.

    Other Information:

    2023 Camp Parent Handbook_

  • University of Wisconsin STEP Info (4-09-2024)

    The University of Wisconsin STEP program runs from June 16–29, 2024.  The program takes place on the University of Wisconsin campus in Madison, WI.

    The first payment of $50 is due by March 20.  The next three payments are due April 4, April 18 and May 2, 2024.  All may be paid here: 

    Pay Here

    On Sunday, June 16, scholars will meet at the Lower Academy at 11:30am to take Bussie to the University of Wisconsin- Madison campus.  TBD will be chaperoning the scholars along with TBD who will be driving Bussie.

    On Saturday, June 29th scholars will be picked up by Bussie and will return to the Lower Academy at approximately 1:30pm.  TBD will be chaperoning the return.

    A sample daily schedule would look like this:

    Daily schedule

    Time Activity
    7:30–8:30 a.m. Breakfast
    8:30–9 a.m. Morning meeting
    9-11:30 a.m. Class
    11:30 a.m.–12:30 p.m. Lunch
    12:30–3 p.m. Class
    3–5 p.m. Recreational activities
    5–6:30 p.m. Dinner
    6:30–8:30 p.m. Recreational activities
    8:30–9 p.m. Block meetings
    9–10:30 p.m. Dorm time
    10:30 p.m.–7:30 a.m. Quiet hours

    STEP 2023 Handbook  (2024 handbook will be added soon.)

  • National Student Leadership Information (4-08-2024)

    The NSLC program will run from July 16 until July 21 in Washington D.C.  The programming will be held at American University and scholars will stay on campus.

    On Tuesday, July 16, scholars will meet at the Lower Academy at 7:45am in order to go to O’Hare.  Scholars will fly United Airlines flight 1097 from Chicago to Reagan National Airport in Washington DC.  They will land in DC at 2:04 pm.  From the airport they will take a shuttle van to American University.

    On Sunday, July 21, scholars will fly America Airlines flight 1263 from Reagan National in Washington DC to O’Hare.  Scholars will arrive in Chicago at 5:39pm.  We anticipate that scholars will return to the Lower Academy by 7:45 pm.

    Ms. Katherine Wilkins, the LA art instructor, will be chaperoning this trip. 

    Review a brochure on the NLSC program: 2024 Middle School Brochure

    Watch a video about NSLC: Youtube

    The suggested packing list is: AU Packing List – Middle School

  • Best Delegate Information TBD


  • Girl Scout Summer Camps (4-19-24)

    Galapagos is proud to partner with the Girl Scouts of Northern Illinois to provide three different summer options for our current Girls Scouts in 2nd-8th grade.

    Program 1– Horseback Riding Camp (5-8th graders)- Runs from June 12-15.

    Program 2– Overnight Mini Camp (2-8th graders)- Runs from June 19-21.

    Program 3– STEM Day Camp (2-8th graders)- Runs from July 22-26.

    Programs 2 and 3 take place at Camp McCormick.  This is a wonderful place to get more acquainted with the outdoors and give girls a unique summer camp experience. 

    There will be transportation via GRCS’ Bussie shuttle from the Lower Academy to the programs.

    The total cost for each program is $50.  Once approved, payment is due by May 5, 2024.

    Payments can be made here

  • Outward Bound Information (3-12-2024)

    This program runs from August 11 to August 16, 2024.

    We will depart on Thursday, August 11th from the Lower Academy at 6:45am.   We expect to return on August 16 at 5:45pm.

    For more information about the GRCS trip click here.

    To request to borrow camping equipment, click here:  Gear Loan Request Form

  • Burpee Camp Information TBD


  • Latino Youth Summit- Madison, WI (3-22-2024)

    The Latino Youth Summit takes place in Madison, WI from March 25 to March 27.

    March 25– Departure will be at 7:15am. Scholars should meet at the Lower Academy.  Our chaperones, Mr. Puckett and Ms. McCoy will be driving the scholars to Madison, WI. in their vehicles.

    March 27– Our anticipated return is 5:45pm Scholars should be picked up at the Lower Academy.

    Chaperones: The trip is chaperoned by fifth grade instructor- Heather McCoy and Scholar Aide- Ryan Puckett.

    Emergency contact is Ms. Stacey Puckett.  She can be reached at (779) 772-3332.

    Dress:  Please wear clothing that is comfortable but appropriate, no t-shirts.

    Electronics– scholars should not bring electronics.  Scholars will not be permitted to call home during the summit.

    Hotel- Scholars will stay at the AC Hotel Madison Downtown  located at One North Webster Street Madison, Wisconsin.

    Meals:  Scholars will have breakfast and lunch at the Youth Summit all three days.  Scholars and chaperones will have dinner, in Madison, on Monday and Tuesday.

    Medical Form– If you have not submitted a medical form, please download here and and have your scholar bring to Mr. Lane byt 3/21/2024.  Medical Form Latino Youth Summit

    Please also fill out this scholarship form by by 3/21/2024


    Money– Scholars will not need money unless they want to buy a souvenir.  Scholars should not bring more than $50. 

    Other Activities: In addition to the activities at the summit, scholars will have some time to unwind. 

    Monday, March 25– the scholars will go bowling in the evening at Schwoegler Bowling Lanes

    Tuesday, March 26 the scholars will do an escape room at Escapology.

    Una mensaje de University of Wisconsin:

    Hola familias de la Cumbre de la Juventud Latina 2024:

    Muchas gracias por confirmar que su estudiante se unirá a nosotros en la cumbre de este año para hablar sobre el autodescubrimiento y ¿Quién soy yo? Estamos emocionados de recibirlo. Tengo algunos recordatorios:

    La Cumbre se llevará a cabo los días 25, 26 y 27 de marzo  todos los días en el edificio de la Escuela de Educación.

    Se adjuntan los formularios de salud para los estudiantes. Estos deben ser completados por cada estudiante y entregados antes de las 9:00 a.m. del lunes. Necesitamos formularios de salud para cada estudiante. Los estudiantes no pueden asistir a la cumbre sin él.

    Si su estudiante es elegible para recibir almuerzo gratis o a precio reducido, ¿podría completar el formulario DPI adjunto y pedirle a la escuela que lo firme también? Así es como podemos asegurar la financiación y mantenerla gratuita para todos nuestros estudiantes. Formulario incluido aquí:




  • Project Passport- Utah Dinosaur Diggers (4-19-2024)

    Project Passport Utah will leave on June 13, 2024 and return on June 20, 2024.

    Travel Information:

    We will leave as a group from the Lower Academy on June 13 at 11am.  We will take Bussie to Union Station in Chicago.  We will take the California Zephyr Train # 5 leaving at 2pm.  We will arrive in Green River, Utah the next day at 6:32pm.   We will then be picked up and drive about 45 minutes to our site in Hanksville, Utah.

    On June 19, we will return to Green River, Utah and take the California Zephyr Train # 6 leaving at 7:44am.  We will arrive in Naperville, IL around 2:00pm.  The GRCS Bussie Shuttle will pick us up and we anticipate be back at the Lower Academy at 4:00pm.

    Lodging Information:

    We will be staying at Dukes Cabins located at:

    275 East Hwy 24
    Hanksville, UT 84734

    We will be camping one day in tents.  The exact day will depend upon weather conditions.

    The chaperones for this trip are:

    – Ms. Mirela Gavric (Current 2nd grade instructor)

    – Ms. Kim Jedrejcic (Current 4th grade teacher)

    -Ms. Sam Jenson (Current intervention instructor)

  • Harand Drama Camp (4-16-2024)

    Harand Drama Camp takes place in Wisconsin starting June 16 to July 7, 2024.

    Scholars will meet at the Lower Academy on June 16 at 10am to take the GRCS Shuttle to Harand Drama Camp.  Scholars will also be brought back from camp on July 7.  Time: TBD.  Please note that there is a student performance that day and some parents do decide to come and watch it and bring their scholars home.

    HERE is Harand located? What is the CAMPUS like?

    Harand Drama Camp is located on the beautiful campus of Carthage College in Kenosha, WI. The campus is an arboretum on the shores of Lake Michigan and features many modern amenities including an Olympic-size indoor swimming pool; racquetball and sand volleyball courts; dance and fitness studios; a 400-seat state-of-the-art main stage theater as well as an intimate black box space; air-conditioned classrooms; food by Sodexo; dorm-style living; on-campus security and certified nurse; and more.

    Day in the Life of a Harander

    Read information about the camp here.


    The camper packing list is here:

    Harand Packing List 2024

    The cost for Harand is $200.  Payments are due:

    April 20- $50

    April 30- $50

    May 10-  $50

    May 17    $50

    Payments can be made here:

    Harand Camp of the Theater Arts (5th-8th grade) SELECTED SCHOLARS Only -June 16 to July 7, 2024

    Learn even more here: