Washington DC 2024 Program

Washington DC (Updated 4-19-2024)

  • When does the DC trip take place?

    The 8th Grade Washington DC trip takes place from June 3 to June 5, 2024.


  • What are the travel/flight details for the DC trip?

    Currently, we know that we will leave on June 3, 2024.  We will depart from Rockford as a group from the Van Galder bus station at 3:00am.  Based upon our flight, this will be a very early departure so that we can take advantage of a full day in Washington.

    We will fly out of Chicago O’Hare to Reagan National in Washington DC.  We will fly on American Airlines flight AA 1269 departing O’Hare at 6:38am and arriving in Washington D.C. at 9:25am.

    In DC, we will mostly walk, walk and walk.  We will walk close to 10 miles a day.   We will also take advantage of the extensive subway system in DC.

    We will fly back to Chicago O’Hare on June 5, 2024.  We will be on American Airlines flight AA 1188 leaving DC at 6:13 pm  and arriving at O’Hare at 7:27pm.  We anticipate being back in Rockford, at the Van Galder Bust station at 10:45 pm.

  • How do scholars qualify to attend the Washington D.C. program?

    -Scholars must have a 93% or higher attendance rate from March 11, 2024 to May 29, 2024. (4 days absent or less)

    -Scholars must have a 2.0 GPA for all classes. This is 70% or higher in all classes. 

    -Scholars must have no excessive behavior issues or suspensions from March 11, 2024 to May 29, 2024.

    -Scholars must complete their assigned D.C. presentation and present findings in class before May 29, 2024.


  • What should scholars pack for the DC program?

    Information coming soon.

  • How much does the Washington DC program cost?

    The DC trip traditionally costs $2,000-$3,000 (based upon what other schools charge.)  But, at GRCS, we try to make all of our programs accessible.   Families only need to pay $200 for the program.  This includes flight, hotel, food and entrance fees to sites.

    Parents can pay in increments of $50 on the GRCS website.  Payments are due: March 20, 2024, April 4, April 18 and May 2.   There are no refunds for payments.

    Payments can be made here:

    Pay for DC Here

  • Can we fundraise to help pay for some of the payments?

    Yes, you can!  Galapagos offers three different types of coffee that can be sold to friend, family and co-workers.

    Each bag of coffee costs $12.99.  For each sale of coffee, the scholar raises $5 to go towards the cost of the trip.  So, if you sell 20 bags of coffee, you earn $100 towards the trip.

    Fundraising is not required.

    The types of coffee we have are:




    Buy coffee here!

  • Can my scholar bring electronics? Will he/she be able to call home during the trip?

    Scholars may not bring electronics nor may they call home during the trip.

    As discussed in our orientation meeting, we want scholars to be in the moment and fully immerse themselves in this educational adventure.   Therefore, phone and electronics are not permitted.  Please review the policy here: Communication and Electronics -Project Passport 2023.

    Scholars may bring cameras as long as they do not have internet connectivity.

  • What will scholars do on the trip (agenda)?

    Partial Agenda (more information to be added as it is confirmed.)

    Monday June 3

    3:30 am- Leave Rockford

    6:13 am – Flight leaves O’Hare to Washington

    9:27am- arrive in DC, and check into the hotel

    12:00 pm: Lunch

    1:30 pm- Tour the Capital Building (Congress)

    4:00 pm- Washington Monument

    6:oo pm- Dinner

    8:00pm- Shear Madness at the Kennedy Center

    10:00 pm- Return to hotel

    Tuesday June 4

    7:00 am- Breakfast

    9:00 am- White House (outside view and photos)

    10:30 am- Holocaust Museum

    12:45 pm- Lunch

    1:45 pm- African American Museum

    6:30 pm- Washington Nationals baseball game. (Dinner at the game)

    10:00 pm- Return to hotel

    Wednesday June 5

    7:00 am- Breakfast

    9:00am- Tour Ford’s Theater

    11:am- Tour the Washington Mall

                  Viet Nam War Memorial

                  Lincoln Memorial

                  Korean War Memorial

                  Martin Luther King Memorial

    1:00pm- Lunch

    3:00 pm- Go to airport and return home to Rockford.

  • Where will scholars be staying in Washington D.C.?

    The scholars will be staying at the District Hotel located at 1440 Rhode Island Ave NW, Washington, DC.

    Scholars will stay in rooms based upon gender.

  • Who is chaperoning the Washington D.C. trip?

    The total number of chaperones on this trip will be dependent upon the number of scholars attending.  We aim for approximately one chaperone for every six scholars.

    Currently the chaperones are:

    Ms. Mallory Johnson- 8th grade math/sci instructor

    Ms. Molly Kettlehut- 7th grade ELA/SS instructor

    Mr. Billy Cook- UA Dean of Culture