Confirmation of Instruction

Our first day of school is August 26. We are working hard to implement health guidelines and make our classrooms safe for scholars and instructors. (To see specific actions, please see our Fall 2020 Updates.) 

We are planning to provide two instructional options.

Option 1 is what most parents have expressed that they want; modified in-school instruction.  

Option 2 is to continue remote learning in the fall, which will require the use of remote resources, recorded lessons and live streaming.

ACTION ITEM- In order to ensure your child is able to participate in the option you prefer we need to hear from you. It is essential that all parents fill out the Confirmation of Instruction Form. The form will ask you to choose one of two options.

Option 1: Confirming 2020-21 Enrollment for in-School Instruction

We expect most families to return to traditional in-school instruction.   We also believe that this is the best instructional option for most scholars. We will follow CDC and ISBE guidelines that require social distancing and mask wearing in school.

  • Indicate that you would like your child to receive in school instruction
  • Fill out and send in the RPS bus form confirming that you wish to have bus service.   This form must be into RPS by July 25 in order to ensure bus transportation, you must live 1.5 miles from school for the district to provide service.   (The form can be accessed below by filling out our Confirmation form)

Option 2: Confirming 2020-21 Enrollment for Remote Instruction

GRCS is providing this option for parents of children who may be immunocompromised or have other health reasons in the household that may prevent a return to traditional learning. This option will look a lot different from what we did this spring. Scholar expectations for this option will mirror the expectations that we have for scholars in school.  

  • Indicate that you would like your child to receive remote instruction for the first semester
  • After you do so, GRCS staff will set up an August orientation time for you so that you can understand the expectations for remote learning.

Whether you chose In-Person or Remote Instruction we need you to fill out this form so that we can plan the 2020-21 school year.

Complete Confirmation of Instruction Form Here