Jan 19- Remote or In-Person

In Person or Remote- Jan 19

Parents- as we transition back to having some scholars participate in in-person instruction, we need to know your preference. Please let us know if you would like your scholar to attend in person or remote beginning January 19. (Remember, all of us will continue to be remote from January 4 until January 15.) Scholars who were in-person in the fall will be guaranteed an in-person spot as long as this form is completed by January 5. Otherwise, they will be assigned to remote. (Please fill out a new form for each scholar.)
  • Bus updates and changes will be provided via e-mail from RPS.
  • We cannot guarantee your choice. Scholars who were in person in the fall will be able to do in-person after January 19 as long as this form is completed on time. Scholars who wish to move from remote to in person will be informed if we are able to accommodate by January 10.
  • You must indicate if your scholar will need bus transportation. If you indicate that you do need transportation, you must complete the rest of this form. Forms that are not completed fully or not completed on time (January 5) will not receive transportation. Due to the logistics of setting up bus service, neither GRCS nor RPS will be able to guarantee bussing if forms are incorrect. Please also remember that you must live 1.5 miles from school to qualify for busssing.
  • There are several requirements for scholars riding the bus. - For a scholar to board the bus, parents/guardians must confirm each day that their scholar is free of any COVID-19 symptoms and has not been in contact with COVID-19 symptoms. On the bus as scholar must: - wear a face covering to cover both the mouth and the nose. -Carry an extra mask in case one is lost -Load the bus from back to front -Sit in an assigned seat. -Sit two per seat.
  • If your scholar is to be picked/dropped off at a sitter, which is a different address than you have on file, please check the box and fill out the form below.