Project Passport Africa- 2023

  • What are the flight details for Project Passport Africa?

    June 12, 2023 (Going to Uganda)

    We will leave the Lower Academy at 5:15am.  All scholars will take Bussie to O’Hare.

    Our flight departs from terminal 5 at O’Hare on Delta Airlines flight #3970 landing and connecting in New York City, New York. 

    We will then connect to Delta Airlines flight #46 at 4:46pm for a very short flight to Amsterdam, Netherlands arriving at 6:15 am. 

    Then we connect to Royal Dutch flight #539 at 11:00 am, landing in Kigali, Uganda at 10:30 pm.

    June 24, 2023 (Coming home)

    We will leave Kigali, Uganda at 8:25pm on Royal Dutch flight #537 . 

    Our flight is connecting through Amsterdam, Netherlands. We will land in Amsterdam at 7:05 am for a 7:55 am flight on Delta Airlines on June 25th. We will take flight #9382 to Chicago, Illinois and land at 2:1o PM. We will have to clear customs which will take up to an hour.   We anticipate arriving home at the Lower Academy at 5:00 pm.


  • Lodging Information

    June 13th-June 15th-Christian Glory House

    June 16th-June 19th-Entusi Resort and Retreat Center

    June 20th-June 21st- Tiloreza Volcanoes Ecolodge (Rwanda) 

    June 22nd-June 23rd-Radisson Blu Hotel, Kigali

  • What should I pack for this trip?

    • 4-5 changes of clothes
    • One nice outfit (collared shirt and a pair nice pants or a top and skirt)
    • Good, comfortable walking shoes (closed-toe shoes/boots)
    • Rain Jacket/Poncho
    • Sweatshirt or light jacket
    • Long socks
    • Water bottle
    • Money for personal expenses
    • Toiletries and personal items
    • Travel tissue packets or half-used roll of toilet paper in Ziploc bag
    • Bathing suit
    • Hat/sunglasses
    • First Aid/Medications
    • Sunscreen
    • Insect repellent with DEET
    • Pocket size hand sanitizer gel/wipes
    • Snacks: granola/ meal replacement bars

    • Flashlight

    • Small toys for children (soccer balls (deflated) or Frisbees that can be shared among many,
    stickers, bubbles, etc.)
    • Adaptor/ converter: Voltage is 240 volts; 2-pin (circular) socket for Uganda and 3-pin (square)
    socket for Rwanda.


  • Can my scholar bring a cell phone or electronics?

    Scholars may bring electronic devices or a cell phone on this trip. Scholars will be responsible for any electronics they bring on this trip. 

  • Who is chaperoning?

     Ms. Molly Kettelhut (current seventh-grade instructor) will be chaperoning the trip.  This means the ratio of scholars to GRCS staff will be 5:1. Additionally, staff from the Global Livingston Institute will be traveling with and supporting the scholars.

    Ms. Kenney will be our US-based contact; all questions should be directed to her (779) 423-5855.

  • What will scholars do to prepare for the Africa trip?

    Scholars are required to attend Saturday classes to prepare for the trip.  The classes will take place from 12:00-1:00 pm.  Scholars will need to be picked up at the Lower Academy.

    Geography– Scholars will be expected to be able to identify the countries of East Africa.  Scholars can practice doing this at Seterra Geography Games 

    Journalling– Scholars will be expected to journal every day on the trip.  In order to get ready for this, scholars will also journal each Saturday.  Scholars will be provided a small journal.

    Burpee Museum Partnership– Galapagos has partnered with the Burpee Museum to provide educational activities related to the flora, fauna and environment found in Uganda and Rwands.  Scholars will attend two classes at the Burpee Museum.  


  • What is the agenda for the Africa trip?

    Monday, June 12

    Depart from the U.S.

    Tuesday, June 13

    Arrive at Entebbe International Airport, Uganda

    • Transfer to lodging in Kampala, Uganda
      • Get settled at guest house and sleep

    Accommodations: Christian Glory House

    Wednesday, June 14

    Kampala, Uganda

    • Breakfast at Guest House (10am)
    • GLI History & Intro to Uganda
      • Nasser: Background on Uganda
        • Learn briefly about urban slum communities & income gap in country
      • Background/History of GLI
      • General objectives for the trip:
        • Meet people, interact, push your comfort zone
        • Limit time on social media, phones – “be present”
        • Ask questions
        • Journaling – reflect, communicate, share
      • Discuss plan for the day
      • Pose Question for the day: “What do the terms ‘Community Development’ & ‘Social Change’ mean to you?”
    • Money Exchange / ATM
      • For Currency Exchange, group can give all Money to GLI Staff who will convert and then distribute – US Bills un-ripped, post-2009
    • Visit Uganda National Museum
    • Lunch at 2k Restaurant
    • Visit to Thread of Life (tailoring/training organization run by Women from Katanga)
      • Option to buy clothes/items
    • Free time to relax at Guest House
    • Evening Debrief (5:30pm)
      • Reflection topic: Open discussion
        • “What stressed you out today?”
        • “What excited you today?”
        • “What are you thinking about for tomorrow?”
      • “Write a Letter to yourself”
      • “3 Post-it Notes” activity
      • Journal Activity/task: Check in with your family and/or friends with a quick message – tell them something that you learned in your first day at any level (personal, community, global)
    • Welcome Dinner at Paradiso (Ethiopian/Italian food, 10-15 walk from guest house)

    Accommodations: Christian Glory House

    Thursday, June 15

    Kampala, Uganda

    • Breakfast at Guest House
      • Discuss plan for the day
      • Pose Question for the day: “How do you perceive the world? How is your worldview shaped?”
    • Group Activity: “Factfulness Quiz
      • Entire group takes 5-10 minute quick that is anonymous
      • Brief lecture on GapMinder, Hans Rosling, and meaning of “Facts-Based Worldview”
      • Group to reflect on most interesting questions/points
    • Brief walking Tour of Old Kampala (Nakasero Market, Old Taxi Park, Owino Market)
    • Visit to National Mosque with Nasser
    • Lunch at Ashra (Mosque) Restaurant
    • Free time at Guest House
      • Attended by former/upcoming Youth Summit participants
      • Expectations: Encourage students to have discussions with partners and other students

    Accommodations: Christian Glory House

    Thursday, June 15

    Kampala, Uganda

    • Breakfast at Guest House
      • Discuss plan for the day
      • Talk about haggling/negotiating at craft market (local economy style)
      • Pose Question for the day: “How does the rest of the world view us? How do you create good partnerships?”
    • Kampala Craft Market
      • 1-1.5 hours to explore, shop, and interact with shop owners
    • Lunch at Local Restaurant (Ugandan food)
    • Afternoon/Evening discussions with Reach a Hand Uganda (RAHU)
      • Meet with RAHU to hear about the work that they do
      • Students to share their backgrounds and insights on trip so far – brief reflection
      • Facilitate dialogue around the “Importance of Youth Leadership Around the World”
    • Free time to relax at Guest House
    • Evening Debrief
      • Journal Activity: Take 10 minutes and write down as many answers to this question as possible:
        • “What have you learned about?” (“LISTEN”)
      • Reflection: Opportunity to openly share answers from Journal Activity
    • Dinner at Ashiana Indian Restaurant

    Accommodations: Christian Glory House

    Friday, June 16

    Kampala, Uganda to Entusi

    • Early morning departure (6:30-7am) (8-9 hour trip)
      • Early breakfast at Guest House (6am)
    • Stop at Equator for pictures ☺
    • Lunch on the road
    • Check-in & free time at Entusi to relax
    • Introductions & Activities
      • Individual & Groups introduce themselves
    • Dinner at Entusi.
      • Discuss plan for next day.
      • Brief reflection: “What was your most memorable moment in Kampala?
      • Brief welcome lecture & introduce the center
      • Discuss plans for next day on lake & talk about remainder of trip

    Accommodations: Entusi Resort and Retreat Center

    Saturday, June 17

    Lake Bunyonyi, Uganda

    • Breakfast at Entusi
    • Morning debrief/mini-lecture
      • Student discussion: Pose Questions & share
        1. “What are you hoping to accomplish or takeaway from this Weekend’s Youth Summit?”
        2. “How do you think that will impact your journey as a Young Leader?”
      • Mini-lecture Topic: “Cultural re-immersion & re-entry (aka Reverse Culture Shock)”
      • Journal Activity: Take 10 minutes and write down as many answers to this question as possible:
        • “What have you learned from your experience (takeaways)?” (“THINK”)
      • Reflection: Opportunity to openly share answers from Journal Activity
    • Late morning visit to Bright’s Village (20-30 minute uphill hike, mild/medium difficulty)
      • Viewpoint at Church; connect with community & ask questions to Bright (Entusi staff)
      • Can’t visit school (classes going on for students)
    • Return to Entusi for Lunch
    • Afternoon visit to Entusi Model Farm (Community agriculture project)
    • Entusi Women’s Association Performance (6:30pm)
    • Youth Summit Kickoff! (7:15pm)
      • Official Welcome to Entusi + Entusi video
      • Discuss work of GLI & History of Youth Summit
      • Discuss work/mission of Entusi
      • Youth Summit agenda/goals/outline
      • Ask group leaders to introduce their students!
    • Welcome Dinner at Entusi
      • Encourage groups to start mixing up and sit with new people!

    Accommodations: Entusi Resort and Retreat Center

    Sunday, June 18

    Lake Bunyonyi, Uganda

    • Youth Summit Programming

    Accommodations: Entusi Resort and Retreat Center

    Monday, June 19

    Lake Bunyonyi, Uganda

    • Youth Summit Programming
    • Free time to rest, relax, hike, and reflect on the Youth Summit
      • Final stories from each student, chaperone, and facilitator (favorite moment of the Youth Summit)

    Dance Party!! DJ StingRay in the House!!

    Accommodations: Entusi Resort and Retreat Center

    Tuesday, June 20

    Lake Bunyonyi, to Lake Mburo NP, Uganda

    • Youth Summit programming wrap up
    • Breakfast at entusi
    • Transfer to Lake Mburo
    • Night game drive

    Accommodations: Hyena Hill Lodge

    Wednesday, June 21

    Lake Mburo NP, Uganda

    • Morning game drive
    • Hikes
    • Bike tours
    • Relaxed evening

    Accommodations: Hyena Hill Lodge

    Thursday, June 22

    Lake Mburo NP, Uganda to Kigali, Rwanda

    • Early morning Transfer to Kigali, Uganda (~5-hour trip)
    • Border Crossing at Katuna
    • Late lunch at Afrika Bite
    • Check-in at Hotel
    • Group dinner at Zen Oriental Cuisine

    Accommodations: Radisson Blu Hotel, Kigali

    Friday, June 23

    Kigali, Rwanda

    • Breakfast at Hotel
    • Visit Kigali Genocide Memorial
    • Visit Nyamata Church Memorial
    • Lunch at Meze Fresh
    • Free time at hotel
    • Final Debrief
    • Farewell dinner at Sole Luna

    Accommodations: Radisson Blu Hotel, Kigali

    Saturday, June 24

    Kigali, Rwanda

    • Breakfast at Hotel
    • Final lesson and debrief about the trip.
      • Discuss “Action” statements.
    • (Optional) Day to explore the city before flight.
      • Craft Market, Pool time
    • Afternoon/Evening transfer to Kigali International Airport (KGL)

    Accommodations: N/A

    Sunday, June 25

    Arrive in U.S.    


  • Are there required vaccinations for the trip?


    Yes, all GRCS scholars and chaperones must be fully vaccinated against COVID-19 with the most recently available vaccines for the appropriate age group.

    Additionally, the country of Uganda, requires that all visitors have Yellow Fever vaccinations and proof of the vaccination.  (You will receive a yellow pamphlet confirming your vaccination once you receive it, this will serve as proof of vaccination.)

    Yellow Fever vaccine is not carried at most pharmacies.   We recommend that you make an appointment at one of the following places:   TBA