Confirmation of Remote Learning-1/19/2021



Dear Parents of Remote Scholars,

It is my pleasure to welcome you back to Galapagos Rockford Charter School. Based upon your request, your scholar is confirmed as a Remote learning scholar. Going into the third quarter our staff is committed to rigorous instruction and academic improvement. Our goal is to ensure that each scholar is prepared to meet the academic rigor of college and career readiness and be at grade level of knowledge and literacy skills in a safe and supportive learning environment whether it be remote or in person.

Confirmation of Instruction/Status: Starting January 19th, your scholar will receive REMOTE instruction.

Materials Pick Up:  In order to ensure that all our remote scholars have all materials they need to be successful, we will be having material pick up on the following days:

Wednesday, January 20 (1-4 pm)

Thursday, January 21 (9-3 pm)

Friday, January 22 (9-3 pm)

If you have any books or materials from Q1-Q2 please drop those items off when you pick up your Q3 materials.  All materials pick-up is at the Lower Academy.

After School X:  After School X activities will continue as we return to our hybrid model. All scholars, remote and in person, are invited to participate in activities created to be meaningful, rigorous, and enriching. The updated offerings for the third quarter will be published in the coming week.

Parent Orientation: Are you new to remote learning?  Are you getting stressed out?  Please come meet with one of our Deans so they can help you navigate and answer any questions you may have.  Our first meeting is January 21 @ 9 am via zoom.  You can join Mrs. Puckett @ 9 am January 21 .

If you are unable to meet during this time, please remember Report Card Conferences are Monday, January 25 and one of our Deans can also assist you then.

Report Card Conferences: It is time for Q2 conferences.  Please go to and sign up with your scholar’s instructor for conferences.  This is a great time to connect and see all the great work your child or children have been doing during remote learning.

We have mutual goals for our scholars: academic success and social skills development. By working together and monitoring your scholar’s progress daily, we can mutually achieve these important goals.

Help your scholar succeed by maintaining that he/she:

  • Attends school daily by logging in no later than 8am and following the schedule using the classroom link provided on our website:
  • On Zoom, scholars must be in their full Galapagos Uniform and must show their full facial profile at all times
  • Is prepared with all instructional materials including having his/her electronic device fully charged
  • Monitor their classwork/homework by monitoring their courses on Google Classroom
  • It is important for parents and scholars to keep up with grades throughout the school year. Grades are accessible via Kickboard

Galapagos to Go food boxes: food boxes are available for every child who attends GRCS.  Each box contains food that should cover seven lunches and 7 breakfasts.   If you are interested in ordering a box or boxes, please go to and click on Galapagos to Go. Boxes must be ordered by each Tuesday for pick-up on the following Monday.  All pick-ups will occur at the Lower Academy from 11am to 5pm.

Thank you so much for the continued support and cooperation.




Deans of Instruction:                                                                           Deans of Culture:

Sabreena Ratani, Upper Academy                                                    John Oliver, Upper Academy                        

Stacey Puckett, Lower Academy                                                       Alexia Carifio, Lower Academy