IAR Testing Sign-Ups (April-May 2021)


It’s time for IAR Testing.   In order to ensure that we are able to test all scholars, we need all Remote Scholars to sign up for testing.  Scholars can test on-site at either the Lower Academy or Upper Academy.  (In-person scholars will be scheduled to takes the tests during regular class time.)

We will need scholars to test on-site on five different days in April and May.  To sign up for a testing day, please navigate to one of the available days, as displayed on the calendar.  You can also toggle between the Lower and Upper Academy as they have different dates available. 

If you have any questions about IAR testing please contact your scholar’s Dean of Instruction.

     Lower Academy- Ms. Puckett at spuckett@galapagoscharter.org or call (815) 708-7946 ext. 404 

     Upper Academy- Ms. Ratani at sratani@galapagoscharter.org or call (779) 368-0852 ext. 637

Book IAR Test Dates

Please remember, you will have to sign up for five separate testing sessions per scholar.